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deprecated class %ZEN.Component.pane extends

The pane component is a specialized type of group that is useful for defining a common layout (or template) in a base class and providing content within a subclass. The pane component is used in two different ways:
  1. Within a template super class, pane components are used as placeholders in which a subclass will inject components. Each pane is given a unique name using its paneName property.
  2. Each subclass of the template class defines XData blocks whose names correspond to the name of the pane components. Each of these XData blocks contains a set of components within an enclosing pane element. When the subclass page is displayed, the contents of each pane will be supplied via the various pane XData definitions.
Note that the default layout of a pane is "vertical".

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parameter DEFAULTLAYOUT = vertical;
Inherited description: Subclasses can set this to change default layout for a group.


property paneName as %ZEN.Datatype.string;
Name of the pane definition that will provide the contents of this pane. This is the name of an XData block containing the contents definition for the pane.
Property methods: paneNameDisplayToLogical(), paneNameGet(), paneNameIsValid(), paneNameLogicalToDisplay(), paneNameLogicalToOdbc(), paneNameNormalize(), paneNameSet()


method %OnAddToPageBefore() as %Status
This callback is invoked when this pane element is added to the set of page components.
It asks the page to provide the contents of a pane.

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