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abstract class HS.Util.AuditServices

Invoke a service on the audit production Intended primarily for reporting Similar to HubServices, except it always goes thru SOAP, even if on the same instance Trace is controlled by the same hub tracing switch

Method Inventory


parameter HSDEPLOY = 1;


classmethod GetAuditConnect(Output pURL As %String, Output pUser As %String, Output pPW As %String, Output pSSLConfig As %String, Output pTrace As %Boolean) as %Status
This may be called on the hub or any gateway. It returns a status and 3 output parameters: When called from the hub, the output parameters will all be nil When called from a gateway, the output parameters will be Hub URL - Like the hub endpoint, but without the actual service class, User, PW It will use the connection parameters from either the currently running production, or if not running, from the most recently run production
classmethod InvokeAuditService(pServiceClassName As %String, pProxyClassName As %String, pMethodName As %String, Output pResponse, pArgs...) as %Status
Input pArgs... may not include by reference (or output) arguments.
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