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class HS.Util.XSLT2Transformer extends %Library.RegisteredObject

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property StyleSheets as array of %XML.XSLT2.CompiledStyleSheet;
Map of XSL locations to compiled stylesheets
Property methods: StyleSheetsBuildValueArray(), StyleSheetsCollectionToDisplay(), StyleSheetsCollectionToOdbc(), StyleSheetsDisplayToCollection(), StyleSheetsGet(), StyleSheetsGetObject(), StyleSheetsGetObjectId(), StyleSheetsGetSwizzled(), StyleSheetsIsValid(), StyleSheetsOdbcToCollection(), StyleSheetsSet(), StyleSheetsSetObject(), StyleSheetsSetObjectId()
property XSLTGateway as %Net.Remote.Gateway;
XSLT gateway object used for XSLT2
Property methods: XSLTGatewayGet(), XSLTGatewayGetSwizzled(), XSLTGatewayIsValid(), XSLTGatewayNewObject(), XSLTGatewaySet()


method CreateStyleSheetFromFile(pFile, ByRef pXSL As %XML.XSLT2.CompiledStyleSheet) as %Status
method CreateStyleSheetFromStream(pStream, ByRef pXSL As %XML.XSLT2.CompiledStyleSheet) as %Status
method Transform(pInput="", tXSL As %String = "", ByRef pOutput, ByRef tParams="", pDisableCache As %Boolean = 0, pCallbackHandler, pErrorHandler) as %Status
Transform a string or stream
method TransformFile(pInput="", tXSL As %String = "", pOutput As %String = "", ByRef tParams="", pDisableCache As %Boolean, pCallbackHandler, pErrorHandler) as %Status
Transform a file

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