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abstract class HS.Util.IAuthenticate

Interface for ZAUTHENTICATE callbacks, both at the user level (via HS.Local.ZAUTHENTICATE) and in REST / other CSP APIs (via HS.Util.RESTCSPConfig)

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abstract classmethod OnAfterAA(ServiceName, Namespace, Username, password, tSC, ByRef tResponse) as %Status
abstract classmethod OnAfterForgotPassword(ServiceName, Username, tSC, ByRef pErrText) as %Status
abstract classmethod OnAfterProperties(ServiceName, Namespace, ByRef tResponse, ByRef Properties) as %Status
abstract classmethod OnBeforeAA(ServiceName, ByRef Namespace, ByRef Username, ByRef password) as %Status
abstract classmethod OnBeforeForgotPassword(Namespace, ServiceName, SessionId, ByRef Username, ByRef Password) as %Status
abstract classmethod OnBeforeUpdatePW(LoginDomain, LoginUser, UserName, ByRef NewPassword, ByRef pLoginToken, ByRef OldPassword) as %Status
abstract classmethod OnBeforeValidatePW(OldPassword, Username, LoginToken, ByRef NewPassword, ByRef LoginDomain, ByRef LoginUser) as %Status
abstract classmethod OnGetCredentials(ByRef Username, ByRef Password, ServiceName, Namespace, ByRef Credentials) as %Status
abstract classmethod OnSendTwoFactorToken(Username, ServiceName, Namespace, Application, ByRef Credentials, ByRef SecurityToken, ByRef TwoFactorTimeout, ByRef UserPhoneNumber) as %Status
abstract classmethod OnZAUTHENTICATE(ByRef AuthenticationDelegated As %Boolean = 0, ServiceName As %String, Namespace As %String, Username As %String, Password As %String, ByRef Credentials, ByRef Properties) as %Status
Callback to allow customers to intercept calls to the main ^ZAUTHENTICATE entry point, which includes the arguments to that entry point. If the main ^ZAUTHENTICATE logic for HealthShare should NOT be executed, set AuthenticationDelegated to 1, and ensure that all of the values in Properties are correctly initialized.
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