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deprecated class %ZEN.SVGComponent.svgCanvas extends %ZEN.SVGComponent.svgFrame

This is a specialized type of %ZEN.SVGComponent.svgFrame that can contain a set of sprite objects.
This provides the basics needed for an svg-based graphical editor.

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property connectors as list of connector (XMLPROJECTION = "NONE");
List of connectors on this canvas.
Property methods: connectorsBuildValueArray(), connectorsCollectionToDisplay(), connectorsCollectionToOdbc(), connectorsDisplayToCollection(), connectorsGet(), connectorsGetObject(), connectorsGetObjectId(), connectorsGetSwizzled(), connectorsIsValid(), connectorsOdbcToCollection(), connectorsSet(), connectorsSetObject(), connectorsSetObjectId()
property rulerHeight as %ZEN.Datatype.float [ InitialExpression = 11.0 ];
Height of vertical ruler. This value is multiplied with rulerMajor to get the actual size.
Property methods: rulerHeightDisplayToLogical(), rulerHeightGet(), rulerHeightIsValid(), rulerHeightLogicalToDisplay(), rulerHeightLogicalToOdbc(), rulerHeightNormalize(), rulerHeightSet()
property rulerMajor as %ZEN.Datatype.integer [ InitialExpression = 100 ];
Number of units per major ruler tick mark. This must be a multiple of rulerMinor or no major tick marks will show.
Property methods: rulerMajorDisplayToLogical(), rulerMajorGet(), rulerMajorIsValid(), rulerMajorLogicalToDisplay(), rulerMajorLogicalToOdbc(), rulerMajorNormalize(), rulerMajorSet()
property rulerMinor as %ZEN.Datatype.integer [ InitialExpression = 25 ];
Number of units per minor ruler tick mark.
Property methods: rulerMinorDisplayToLogical(), rulerMinorGet(), rulerMinorIsValid(), rulerMinorLogicalToDisplay(), rulerMinorLogicalToOdbc(), rulerMinorNormalize(), rulerMinorSet()
property rulerStyle as [ InitialExpression = "stroke:gray;" ];
CSS style used to draw rulers.
Property methods: rulerStyleDisplayToLogical(), rulerStyleGet(), rulerStyleIsValid(), rulerStyleLogicalToDisplay(), rulerStyleLogicalToOdbc(), rulerStyleNormalize(), rulerStyleSet()
property rulerWidth as %ZEN.Datatype.float [ InitialExpression = 8.5 ];
Width of vertical ruler. This value is multiplied with rulerMajor to get the actual size.
Property methods: rulerWidthDisplayToLogical(), rulerWidthGet(), rulerWidthIsValid(), rulerWidthLogicalToDisplay(), rulerWidthLogicalToOdbc(), rulerWidthNormalize(), rulerWidthSet()
property showRulers as %ZEN.Datatype.boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
If true, display rulers along the left and top of this canvas.
Property methods: showRulersDisplayToLogical(), showRulersGet(), showRulersIsValid(), showRulersLogicalToDisplay(), showRulersLogicalToOdbc(), showRulersLogicalToXSD(), showRulersNormalize(), showRulersSet(), showRulersXSDToLogical()


clientmethod canDragShapes() [ Language = javascript ]
Return true if shapes can be dragged on this frame.
clientmethod createConnector(type) [ Language = javascript ]
Create a new connector on this canvas and return it.
clientmethod createSprite(type, x, y) [ Language = javascript ]
Create a new sprite on this canvas and return it.
clientmethod drawRulers() [ Language = javascript ]
Draw set of rulers.
clientmethod setProperty(property, value, value2) [ Language = javascript ]
Set the value of a named property.
clientmethod svgLoadHandler(win) [ Language = javascript ]
Notification that the embedded SVG page is loaded.

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