MultiValue Quick Start Tutorial
Invoke the Web Service
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Once the proxy classes for the Web Service have been created, they can be used to invoke the Web Service. Here are the steps to execute them using MVBasic:

  1. Open Terminal in the namespace in which you generated the proxy classes.
  2. Start the MV Shell using the following command:
  3. Create an instance of the proxy class: Services.ServicesSoap
    USER:; service = "MVTutorial.ServicesSoap"->%New()
  4. Execute the Search method on the proxy class. Retrieve the Name value of an MVFILE.PERSON record:
    USER:; PRINT service->Search(2,"NAME",1)
  5. Execute the Search method on the proxy class again. Retrieve a Phone subvalue of an MVFILE.PERSON record:
    USER:; PRINT service->Search(1,"PHONE",2)
You can use the proxy classes with Caché Object Script and Caché Basic as well as MVBasic.
Remember that clients for our Web Service can be created on any platform: Caché, Java, .NET, and so on. Similarly, we can create MVBasic clients for Web Services executing on any platform.

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