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In the following exercises you create a new Web Service for the MyAccount namespace and then create a client for that service. The exercise instructions assume that you have imported the example multivalue account, MyAccount, into Caché. For importing instructions, read Migrating a MultiValue Application.

  1. Create a new Web Service named Update that updates existing PERSON data. Here are the requirements:

    • The method accepts the following as arguments: Record ID, Attribute Name, SubValue Number, New Value.

    • The method updates the specified value or subvalue accordingly.

    • The method is coded using MVBasic. Note that if you use MVBasic object access, you must run PROTOCLASS on the dictionary for PERSON. For instructions on using PROTOCLASS, read the pages covering PROTOCLASS in SQL and ODBC Access.

  2. Test the Update service by generating proxy classes for it and using them to invoke the service.


The solution to exercise 1 is contained in MV_WS.xml. Import the file into Caché using Studio. For instructions, read Importing a File Using Studio. The file is in <cachesys>\Dev\tutorials\mv.

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