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persistent class HS.Util.Installer.Foundation extends HS.Util.Installer.ConfigItem

SQL Table Name: HS_Util_Installer.Foundation

Foundation Installer

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parameter TYPE = Foundation;
TYPE is used to default the Type property
parameter UITIER = 2;
Parameter that controls the relative importance of this component type in the HealthShare Home UI for selecting namespaces. Lower values indicate components that should appear earlier in the UI. The value is used as the default return value for the GetConfigTypeUITier()() helper method.


property HubEndpoint as HS.Types.EndPoint;
The Hub WS address - for sub types of foundation, and potentially foundation at some point
Property methods: HubEndpointDisplayToLogical(), HubEndpointGet(), HubEndpointGetStored(), HubEndpointIsValid(), HubEndpointLogicalToDisplay(), HubEndpointLogicalToOdbc(), HubEndpointNormalize(), HubEndpointSet()
property Mirror as %Boolean;
Holder for Mirror Database Checkbox from the UI (between setup and activate)
Property methods: MirrorCheck(), MirrorDisplayToLogical(), MirrorGet(), MirrorGetStored(), MirrorIsValid(), MirrorLogicalToDisplay(), MirrorLogicalToXSD(), MirrorNormalize(), MirrorSet(), MirrorXSDToLogical()


classmethod AdditionalSetup(pNamespace As %String, ByRef pVars, ByRef pLogFile) as %Status
Generic foundation namespace versus PatientIndex or Analytics, Community
classmethod CreateProduction(ByRef pVars, ByRef pLogFile, pNamespace As %String) as %Status
classmethod Install(pNamespace As %String, ByRef pVars) as %Status
Install a Foundation in the specified namespace. pVars allows you to override/change configuration parameters, which will be updated in the HS.Util.Installer.ConfigItem database:
  • LogFile - current log file for install operation
  • Type - hardcoded to "Foundation"
  • Component - current component name
  • Kits - list of class names of kits to install (%Library.ListOfDataTypes)
  • Production - class name of production, default namespacePKG.BusProduction
  • Template - production template to use
  • Description - a description of the production
classmethod OnPreUnInstall(pNamespace As %String, pPurgeFiles As %Boolean = 0, pLogFile) as %Status
classmethod OnUnInstall(pNamespace As %String, pPurgeFiles As %Boolean = 0, pLogFile) as %Status
Inherited description: Can be implemented on subclasses that aren't overriding UnInstall
classmethod Reset(pDummy As %Integer = 0) as %Status
Reset calls the Reset() method on all classes that extend HS.Util.Installer.Foundation.Reset. If multiple Reset() calls are made, the failure of one call does not abort the execution of this method. All failure statuses are gathered into one %Status object that is then returned by this method.
classmethod UnInstall(pNamespace As %Library.String, pPurgeFiles As %Library.Boolean = 0, pDeleteCSPApps As %Library.Boolean = 1) as %Status
Inherited description: Most callers will pass 1 to purgefiles This will attempt to clean up as much as possible, even if things are partially deleted

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Storage Model: Storage (HS.Util.Installer.ConfigItem)


Storage Model: Storage (HS.Util.Installer.ConfigItem)


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