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External Language Development

As an application developer, InterSystems gives you multiple options. You can

  • Develop using a number of external languages supported by InterSystems IRIS®. Code written in an external language interacts with the InterSystems IRIS kernel using a driver in an InterSystems IRIS software development kit (SDK).

  • Develop using several embedded languages that are part of the InterSystems IRIS kernel. Code written in an embedded language executes as an InterSystems IRIS process.

Application Development with InterSystems IRIS
external development applications interact with InterSystems IRIS, embedded development applications run on InterSystems IRIS

External languages and programming tools

Choose from among a wide range of supported languages, APIs, and standards.






InterSystems Native SDKs


SOAP/Web Services

InterSystems API Manager (microservices)

Using the Callin API (C/C++)

Using the Callout Gateway (operating system callouts)

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Database connectivity

Connect your code to InterSystems IRIS databases using several different technologies.



InterSystems SQL Gateway


Develop code on InterSystems IRIS using the IDE of your choice.

ObjectScript IDEs

Java IDEs


Python IDEs

Node.js IDEs

For an overview of all IDEs that can be used with InterSystems IRIS and instructions for connecting each to an InterSystems IRIS instance, see InterSystems IRIS Basics: Connecting an IDE.

To interact with other developers about using IDEs with InterSystems IRIS, visit InterSystems Developer CommunityOpens in a new tab.

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