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Viewing Cube Build Information

If InterSystems® Data Fabric Studio™ has been configured to have a connection to InterSystems IRIS® Adaptive Analytics (AtScale), the Business Scheduler can build cubes. There is also an easy way to see the cube build information.

Viewing Cube Build Information

To view all the available cubes and the most recent build information for each:

  1. Click the Analytics icon in the application menu.

  2. Click Cubes.

The system then displays a table listing all the available cubes. This table provides the following information for each cube:

  • Status—Status of the most recent cube build.

  • Organization—Name of the organization that owns the project to which cube belongs.

  • Project—Name of the project to which this cube belongs.

  • Cube—Name of the cube.

  • Publish Date—Date and time when the project was published.

  • Build Start—Date and time when the cube build was started.

  • Build End—Date and time when the cube build was completed.

  • Build Time—Length of time for the cube build to complete. If the cube build is underway, this is the current duration.

  • Error Details—Information about any errors during the cube build.

  • Visual Trace—Provides a link to a trace session (for internal use).

  • Build Aggregates—Button for the user to click to trigger a build. This button is disabled if the cube is currently being built.

Filtering the Cube Build Information

If this page has a large number of cubes, you may want to use the filters on the top of the page. These filters work as follows:

  • Organization—Displays only the cubes that belong to a specific organization.

  • Project —Displays only the cubes that belong to a specific AtScale project.

  • Cube—Displays only the cubes whose name match the given string.

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