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Welcome, Data Analysts

InterSystems® Data Fabric Studio™ is designed to bring together disparate data sources and transform them into a single source of truth—actionable, decision-ready data. Data engineers set up the automation to load data, and then you can take advantage of the data in any way that you choose.

Data Fabric Studio was designed for a specific set of overlapping use cases, and you can tailor your solution to include any parts of these cases that apply to you.

Use Modes

Data Fabric Studio provides a built-in analytics option, which enables you to build cubes that you can then use to create dashboards. You can also connect external analytics or reporting tools to these cubes.

To complement that option, it is also possible to connect directly to the tables in Data Fabric Studio via JDBC or ODBC.

In either case, it is generally necessary to be able to easily view the tables within Data Fabric Studio before proceeding. For this task, you can use the built-in SQL Explorer feature.

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