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class HS.Util.Installer.Kit.IHE.DSUBBroker extends HS.Util.Installer.Kit.PostInstall.Base

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parameter NamespaceTypes = Bus,Hub;
Inherited description: The namespace types this kit is valid for (value of ^%SYS("HealthShare","Instances",pNS,"Type")) The UI can use this parameter to determine what options are available for a namespace When creating utility methods create AddHub, AddAccessGateway, AddEdgeGateway, AddBus


classmethod Add(pNamespaces As HS.Util.Installer.Kit.Namespaces = "", pRegistryNS As %String = $Namespace, pBusNS="HSBUS") as %Status
classmethod AddBus(pNamespaces As HS.Util.Installer.Kit.Namespaces = "", pNS=$Namespace)
classmethod AddHub(pNamespaces As HS.Util.Installer.Kit.Namespaces = "", pNS=$Namespace)

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