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class HS.Util.Installer.Kit.IHE.XCAI extends HS.Util.Installer.Kit.PostInstall.Base

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parameter NamespaceTypes = Bus,Hub,Foundation;
Inherited description: The namespace types this kit is valid for (value of ^%SYS("HealthShare","Instances",pNS,"Type")) The UI can use this parameter to determine what options are available for a namespace When creating utility methods create AddHub, AddAccessGateway, AddEdgeGateway, AddBus


classmethod Add(pNamespaces As HS.Util.Installer.Kit.Namespaces = $$$NULLOREF, pBusNS As %String = "", pRegistryNS As %String = "") as %Status
For Foundation namespaces call Add(,$namespace,$namespace), which will setup the production items and the service registry entries in the same namespace
For UCR systems where the Bus and the Hub are on the same system, calling Add(,"HSBUS","HSREGISTRY") will update the namespaces correctly.
Individual calls to AddBus or AddHub can be used.
classmethod AddBus(pNamespaces As HS.Util.Installer.Kit.Namespaces = $$$NULLOREF, pNS=$Namespace)
classmethod AddHub(pNamespaces As HS.Util.Installer.Kit.Namespaces = $$$NULLOREF, pNS=$Namespace, pBusNS) as %Status

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