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Native SDK for .NET Overview

See the Table of Contents for a detailed listing of the subjects covered in this document.

The InterSystems Native SDK for .NET is a lightweight interface to powerful InterSystems IRIS® resources that were once available only in ObjectScript:

  • Call ObjectScript classmethods and functions. Write custom ObjectScript classmethods or functions for any purpose, and call them from your .NET application as easily as you can call native .NET methods.

  • Manipulate ObjectScript class instances through Gateway proxy objects. Call instance methods and get or set property values as easily as you could in an ObjectScript application.

  • Directly access globals, the tree-based sparse arrays used to implement the InterSystems multidimensional storage model. These native data structures provide very fast, flexible storage and retrieval. InterSystems IRIS uses globals to make data available as objects or relational tables, but you can use the Native SDK to implement your own data structures.

The following chapters discuss the main features of the Native SDK for .NET:

InterSystems Core SDKs for Java

The Native SDK for .NET is part of a suite that also includes lightweight .NET SDKs for object and relational database access. See the following books for more information:

Native SDKs for other languages

Versions of the Native SDK are also available for Java, Python, and Node.js:

More information about globals

The following book is highly recommended for developers who want to master the full power of globals:

  • Using Globals — describes how to use globals in ObjectScript, and provides more information about how multidimensional storage is implemented on the server.

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