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Details for the Fact and Dimension Tables

Internally, Business Intelligence uses a star schema, which consists of the fact table and dimension tables, which the fact table references. Note that dimension tables are also called star tables. You can directly query these tables, which the system populates when you build a cube, and which the system updates when changes occur.

This reference provides details on these tables.


Do not redefine these tables or attempt to write data to them except via the authorized interfaces; see Keeping the Cubes Current.

When you compile a cube definition class, the system also generates a table name Listing, in the same package as the fact table. Do not use the Listing table, which is for internal use only.

Also see Accessing the Business Intelligence Samples.

  • Fact Table – Describes the fact table that is generated when you compile a Business Intelligence cube definition class.
  • Dimension Tables – Describes the tables generated for each level when you compile a Business Intelligence cube definition class
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