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Parameters and Properties

There are several TestControl parameters and properties that you can override in your test class:

Here is a complete list of the available parameters.

TestProduction Parameters
Parameter Description
PRODUCTION This is required. The value is the name of the production to be tested.
IGNOREPRODUCTIONERRORS Default value is 0. Set the value to 1 when you expect production errors during the test. If the value is 0 then an error causes the test to fail.
MAXWAIT Default value is 10. The maximum number of seconds to wait for the production to completely start before proceeding with the rest of the test.
MINRUN Default value is 10. The minimum number of seconds to allow the production to run before invoking callback methods such as GetEventLog and CheckResults and then stopping the production.

Here is a partial list of the available properties. Again, the class documentation for %UnitTest.TestProductionOpens in a new tab covers the complete list in detail.

TestProduction Properties
Property Description
BaseLogId Contains the first Event Log ID for entries generated by the production during the test.
LastLogId Contains the last Event Log ID for entries retrieved by the GetEventLog method.
InstanceName Name of the InterSystems IRIS® instance.
MachineName Name of the machine.
DSNToUser DSN for use with the USER namespaces of the InterSystems IRIS instance.
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