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This topic describes the parameters found in the [Gateways] section of the CPF.

You can also configure these gateways from the External Languages Servers page of the Management Portal (System Administration > Configuration > Connectivity > External Language Servers). On this page, you may create a new gateway and edit, delete, start, or stop an existing gateway.

For details about specific types of gateways, see the following topics:

Gateway Type Information
.NET Gateway (External Server) Defining External Server Configurations for .NET” section of Using InterSystems External Servers.
JDBC Gateway Connecting with the JDBC Driver” chapter of Using the InterSystems IRIS SQL Gateway.
XSLT 2.0 Gateway Configuring, Starting, and Stopping the XSLT 2.0 Gateway in the “Performing XSLT Transformations” chapter of Using XML Tools.
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