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Using Communication Protocols in Interoperability Productions

Interoperability production adapters handle communication protocols. You can use built-in business services and operations with adapters, create custom business services and operations with the provided adapters, or develop your own adapters.

Get acquainted

Introduction to Interoperability Productions

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Connectivity Options (using built-in adapters)

Network protocol adapters

Using HTTP Adapters in Productions

Using TCP Adapters in Productions

Using REST Services and Operations in Productions

Adding SOAP Services and Web Clients to Productions

Using Java Messaging Service (JMS) in Productions

File adapters

Using File Adapters in Productions

Enabling Productions to Use Managed File Transfer Services

Using FTP Adapters in Productions

Other adapters

Using Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT)

Using the Email protocol

Creating Inbound Adapters for other protocols

Creating Outbound Adapters for other protocols

Creating adapters for other protocols in Java and .NET

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Setting Up RESTful Services online classOpens in a new tab

Managed File Transfer videoOpens in a new tab

First Look: Managed File Transfer (MFT) with Interoperability Productions

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