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Customizing the Timeout Period

The Web Gateway waits for a fixed length of time for an InterSystems IRIS® data platform web service to send a response message. For information on setting the timeout period, see Configuring the Default Parameters for Web Gateway in the Web Gateway Guide.

In some cases, you might know that a given web method requires a longer period before it can complete. If so, you can specify the timeout period for that method. To do so, near the start of the definition of that web method, add a line to set the Timeout property of the web service. Specify a timeout period in seconds. For example, if the default timeout period is three minutes and you need the timeout period to be five minutes, you might do the following:

Method LongRunningMethod(Input) as %Status [ WebMethod ] 
   set ..Timeout=300; this method will not time out until 5 minutes
   //method implementation here
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