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SQL Gateway Overview

See the Table of Contents for a detailed listing of the subjects covered in this document.

The InterSystems SQL Gateway provides access from InterSystems IRIS® data platform to external databases. You can use various wizards to create links to tables, views, or stored procedures in external sources, allowing you to access the data in the same way you access any InterSystems IRIS object:

  • Access data stored in third-party relational databases within InterSystems IRIS applications using objects and/or SQL queries.

  • Store persistent InterSystems IRIS objects in external relational databases.

  • Create class methods that perform the same actions as corresponding external stored procedures.

  • Connect through either the InterSystems JDBC driver or the InterSystems ODBC driver.

See the following topics for more information:

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  • Using Java with InterSystems Software — provides an overview of all InterSystems Java technologies enabled by the InterSystems JDBC driver, and describes how to use the driver to access data sources via SQL.

  • Using the InterSystems ODBC Driver — describes how to connect to InterSystems IRIS from an external application via InterSystems ODBC, and how to access external ODBC data sources from InterSystems IRIS.

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