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Configuring Default Settings for Manually Purging Production Data

As productions run in a given namespace, InterSystems IRIS may write entries to the Event Log, message warehouse, business process log, business rule log, and I/O archive log for the namespace. Since the entries can accumulate over time and consume large amounts of disk space, InterSystems IRIS enables you and other users with appropriate permissions to purge outdated entries. You can do so manually; that is, you can purge production data on an ad hoc basis. You can also schedule regular purges. For more information, see Purging Production Data.

InterSystems IRIS enables you to configure default settings for manual purges. The defaults apply on the Purge Management Data page and can be overridden only by users with appropriate permissions. For more information, see Controlling Access to Management Portal Functions.

To configure default settings for manual purges in a namespace, navigate to Interoperability > Configure > Purge Data Settings in the namespace. Alternatively, set the following nodes of the ^Ens.Configuration global for the namespace:


Purges are irreversible and can lead to unintentionally orphaned data or the loss of unresolved requests. Consequently, InterSystems recommends that you carefully review the descriptions of the settings in Settings for Purging Data before you configure them.

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