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InterSystems SQL Performance Optimization

InterSystems SQL provides several capabilities that improve the performance of your SQL queries. These capabilities include automatically optimized query plans, query analysis tools, parallel query processing, and multiple various table indexing methods.

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  • Defining and Building Indices describes how to define and build and rebuild different types of indices for the values of a field in InterSystems SQL.

  • Optimizing Tables describes using Tune Table and other tools to create representative or anticipated data metrics to optimize InterSystems SQL performance.

  • Cached Queries describes how InterSystems SQL retains prepared and optimized SQL statements in a cache, enabling rapid re-execution.

  • Optimizing Query Performance describes tools you can use to optimize the performance of an InterSystems SQL query.

  • SQL Performance Analysis Toolkit explains tools to gather detailed information from the execution of specific statements to analyze problematic statements.

  • Interpreting an SQL Query Plan explains how to read a system-generated InterSystems SQL Query Plan and suggests changes that should result in a more efficient Query Plan.

  • SQL Statements describes the listing of SQL Statements which record executed SQL statements on a per-table basis, providing access to the Query plan, performance statistics, and whether the plan is frozen or unfrozen.

  • Frozen Plans describes how to freeze a Query Plan so that performance of the query remains constant despite other changes until you unfreeze the Query Plan allowing those changes to result in a new Query Plan.

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