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Identify the nodes to be configured as sharded cluster data nodes (other than data node 1) based on hostname.


[Startup]    ShardRegexp=regular_expression


When the ShardRole parameter is set to AUTO, ShardRegexp validates that the name of the instance’s host matches the regular expression provided; instances on hosts that do not match are not configured as cluster members.

Using This Parameter

In conjunction with other parameters, ShardRegexp can be used to deploy sharded clusters, mirrored or nonmirrored, using the configuration merge feature.

Typically, this parameter would not be changed after deployment of the sharded clusterOpens in a new tab, unless the instance is removed from the cluster.

See Also

ArbiterURL, to identify the arbiter used by the data node mirror the instance is a member of.

MaxServers and MaxServerConn, which must be greater than or equal to the number of nodes in the sharded cluster the instance is a member of.

ShardRole, to specify the sharded cluster role of the instance.

ShardClusterURL to specify the node to use as a template when adding an instance to a sharded cluster.

ShardMirrorMember to specify the failover role of a data node in a mirrored sharded cluster.

ShardMasterRegexp to identify the node to be configured as sharded cluster data node 1 based on hostname.

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