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Introduction to HealthLake Adapters

Amazon HealthLakeOpens in a new tab is an AWS product that provides a way to store healthcare data as FHIR® resources. InterSystems products are able to retrieve, create, update, and delete resources in a HealthLake data store using business hosts in an interoperability production. Within a production, a business service can use one of the inbound adapters to retrieve resources from HealthLake. In addition, a business operation can use the outbound adapter to interact with HealthLake, for example, to create a new FHIR resource in a data store.

If you are new to interoperability productions, including the use of business services, business operations, and adapters, see Introduction to Interoperability Productions.

General AWS Settings

The HealthLake adapters extend a common adapter class that includes general AWS properties. When you add a business service or business operation that uses a HealthLake adapter, these AWS properties can be set using the AWS settings in the Management Portal.

CredentialsFile — If blank, Amazon uses the default credential provider chainOpens in a new tab to obtain the credentials needed to access HealthLake. If you prefer to use an AWS credential file, enter its filepath.

Region — Identifies the AWS region that you want to access. For a list of regions, see Amazon Regions, Availability Zones, and Local ZonesOpens in a new tab

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