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Running Health Connect in a Docker Container: Special Considerations

Running Health Connect in a Docker container is much the same as running InterSystems IRIS in a container, but you should make the following change once the container is up and running:

For more information on running Health Connect in a container, see Running InterSystems Products in Containers.

Changing the Network Host Name

When you are running Health Connect in a container, the network host name is defined as the container ID by default. This causes problems when you need to replace the container because the network host name will change to the ID of the new container. To avoid this problem, do the following to define a new network host name that will not change when you replace the container:

  1. Log in to the Management Portal.

  2. Make sure you are in the %SYS or HSLIB namespace.

  3. From the Home page, select Health.

  4. In the top navigation bar, select Installer Wizard.

  5. Select Configure Network Host Name and enter the new name. A DNS entry is a good choice for a name.

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