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Connecting Systems with Interoperability Productions

HealthShare® Health Connect interoperability productions provide the integration engine to connect healthcare data. You can connect systems that use different communication protocols and different message formats. You can use built-in components and graphic wizards to connect systems without custom coding, use existing third party libraries, or create custom code to define new interfaces to systems.

In many cases, you can build your production using built-in components that support healthcare formats such as FHIR, CDA, HL7, DICOM, and X12. You can develop productions using these and other built-in components that support other data formats. You can interoperate with an LDAP server, via EnsLib.LDAP.Adapter.OutboundOpens in a new tab. If you need to deal with custom formats, you can develop production components in ObjectScript, Java, and .NET languages.

HealthShare® Health Connect provides the tools to develop, manage, and monitor your productions including using the InterSystems API ManagerOpens in a new tab to monitor and control API traffic.

Interoperability Production Documentation

You can also learn about interoperability productions with extensive online content:

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