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Using Low-Level Code in Interoperability Productions

In many cases, you can build your production using built-in components that support healthcare formats such as FHIR, CDA, HL7, DICOM, and X12. You can develop productions using these and other built-in components that support other data formats˙. But, in some cases, you need to add low-level code to a production component or create a component entirely in low-level code. The APIs documented in this section can be used in InterSystems IRIS for Health™ to create any healthcare application, but can also perform specialized functions in HealthShare® Health Connect interoperability productions.

If you are developing production components in ObjectScript, you will need the guide and reference information about ObjectScript and SQL. If you are developing production components in Java or a .NET language, you can do this using PEX: Developing Productions with Java and .NET, but in some cases you may need to use the lower-level Java and .NET access in this section.

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