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Messages Related to Productions

The following tables list the error codes associated with productions for InterSystems IRIS® data platform.

Production Errors

Error Code Description
ErrAdapterAlreadyConnected Adapter already connected
ErrBPCancelled BusinessProcess cancelled
ErrBPCanNotOpen Can not open BusinessProcess '%1'
ErrBPLASyncTimeoutMustBeOnSync ASynchronous Call timeout should be specified on <sync> tag, ignored
ErrBPLBadExpressionValue The indirect expression cannot be evaluated"
ErrBPLEnumeration '%1' must be in enumeration '%2' for activity '%3'
ErrBPLInvalidContextSuperclass The context superclass '%1' is invalid as it is NOT a primary subclass of Ens.BP.Context
ErrBPLInvalidLoopContext '%1' cannot be used outside a containing loop construct
ErrBPLLabelNameNotUnique Label named '%1' is not unique, branch would be ambiguous
ErrBPLLabelNotInScope Cannot branch to label '%1' because the label is not in scope
ErrBPLNodeMissing Missing '%1' for activity '%2'
ErrBPLNodeValidation '%1' must NOT be empty string for activity '%2'
ErrBPLThrownFault %1
ErrBPTerminated Terminating BP %1 #%2 due to error: %3
ErrBusinessDispatchNameNotRegistered Business dispatch name '%1' is not registered to run
ErrCanNotAcquireJobLock Can not acquire lock for job registration global in job '%1'
ErrCanNotAcquireJobRootLock Can not acquire lock for job registration global
ErrCanNotAcquireLaunchLock Can not acquire lock to run Ens.Job:Launch()
ErrClassNotConcrete '%1' is not a concrete class
ErrClassNotDefined '%1' is not a defined class
ErrClassNotDerived '%1' is not derived from class '%2'
ErrConfigDisabled Configuration item '%1' is disabled
ErrCredentialsAlreadyExists "Credentials with name '%1' already exists
ErrDocImport %1
ErrDTLCannotBeCompiled The DTL contains errors which prevent it from being compiled"
ErrDTLEnumeration '%1' must be in enumeration '%2' for action '%3'
ErrDTLNodeValidation '%1' must NOT be empty string for action '%2'
ErrDTSMultiSignature Signature error in %1: input %2 does not match '%3'
ErrDTSSignature Signature error in %1: input '%2' does not match '%3'
ErrException %1logged as '%2' number %3
ErrFailureTimeout FailureTimeout of %1 seconds exceeded in %3; status from last attempt was %2
ErrFTPConnectFailed FTP: Failed to connect to server '%1' (msg='%2',code=%3)
ErrFTPDeleteFailed FTP: Failed Delete file '%1' (msg='%2',code=%3)
ErrFTPDirectoryChangeFailed FTP: Failed to change to directory '%1' (msg='%2',code=%3)
ErrFTPGetDirectoryFailed FTP: Failed GetDirectory (msg='%1',code=%2)
ErrFTPGetFailed FTP: Failed to Get file '%1' (msg='%2',code=%3)
ErrFTPListFailed FTP: Failed List for %1 (msg='%2',code=%3)
ErrFTPLogoutFailed FTP: Failed to log out from server '%1' (msg='%2',code=%3)
ErrFTPModeChangeFailed FTP: Failed to set connection to '%1' mode (msg='%2',code=%3)
ErrFTPNameListFailed FTP: Failed NameList for '%1' (msg='%2',code=%3)
ErrFTPPutFailed FTP: Failed to Put file '%1' (msg='%2',code=%3)
ErrFTPRenameFailed FTP: Failed Rename file '%1' (msg='%2',code=%3)
ErrGeneral %1
ErrInConnectionLost Lost %1 connection on %2 - detected via %3
ErrInvalidAssign Cannot specify '%1' for '%2'
ErrInvalidBPL Invalid BPL
ErrInvalidBPLDiagram Invalid BPL Diagram: '%1'
ErrInvalidDateTimeFormat Invalid Date/Time format
ErrInvalidDTL Invalid DTL
ErrInvalidDurationFormat Invalid Duration format
ErrInvalidProduction Invalid Production
ErrIWay iWay XTE Error: %1 (%2)
ErrIWayNoStatus Failed to find %1 object in iWay XTE response stream '%2'
ErrJobFailed JOB command failed
ErrJobNotStopped Job '%1' failed to stop within %2 seconds
ErrJobsNotStopped The following jobs failed to stop within %2 seconds: %1
ErrKeyWithAppend 'key' attribute must not be specified when 'type' attribute is 'append'
ErrKeyWithClear 'key' attribute must not be specified when 'type' attribute is 'clear'
ErrKeyWithInsert 'key' attribute must be specified when 'type' attribute is 'insert'
ErrKeyWithRemove 'key' attribute must be specified when 'type' attribute is 'remove'
ErrNoCallerCredentials "No Credentials property present in %1
ErrNoClassname -no Classname given-
ErrNoCredentials Unable to find Credentials for ID name '%1'
ErrNoCredentialsSystemName Unable to find Credentials for ID name '%1' : %2
ErrNoElementContent Cannot Find Element Content
ErrNoFileFound No File Found
ErrNoMsgBody MessageBody does not exist for MessageHeader #%1
ErrNoObjFromStream Failed to find element %1 / class %2 in Stream '%3'
ErrNoObjFromString Failed to find element %1 / class %2 in String '%3'
ErrNoRawInputObj No raw input object for '%1'
ErrNoResponseClass No Response Classname is assigned for Request class %1
ErrNoSQLColumns No Columns in Query '%1'
ErrNoSQLCursor No open Cursor for Query '%1'
ErrNoSQLStatement No Statement Executed for Query '%1'
ErrNotImplemented Method %1.%2() not implemented
ErrNotRetryable Non-Retryable %3 error (%2) received after %1 seconds
ErrNoWebProtocol Unsupported Protocol '%1'
ErrObjectAlreadyExists Object ID '%1' of class '%2' already exists
ErrOutConnectException Exception occured while making %2 connection %3 : %1
ErrOutConnectExpired %2 Connect timeout period (%1) expired for %3
ErrOutConnectFailed %2 Connect failed for %3 with error %1
ErrOutConnectionLost Lost %1 connection to %2 - detected via %3
ErrOutNotConnected %1 connection to %2 is not open in %3
ErrParameterInvocationInvalid Parameter value for INVOCATION in invalid in class '%1'
ErrProductionAlreadyRunning Production '%1' is already running
ErrProductionMismatchInDeferredResponse Production name mismatch while sending deferred response
ErrProductionNetworkedMismatch Production '%1' is already running on a different machine in the network, a production of a different name can not be started
ErrProductionNotQuiescent InterSystems IRIS can not become quiescent
ErrProductionNotRegistered Failed to open Production definition '%1': %2
ErrProductionNotRunning No production is running
ErrProductionNotShutdownCleanly Production '%1' was not shutdown cleanly
ErrProductionQuiescent InterSystems IRIS is in quiescent state
ErrProductionSettingInvalid Production setting '%2' for item '%1' is invalid
ErrProductionSuspendedMismatch Production '%1' was suspended, a new production of a different name can not be started
ErrRequestNotHandled Request message '%1' not handled
ErrRetryable Retryable %3 error (%2) received after %1 seconds
ErrRulesetLoadFailed RuleSet %1 failed to load: %2
ErrRulesetNotFound RuleSet %1 cannot be found
ErrSOAPConfigClass SOAP service %1 cannot be invoked because its associated class must match. The class found is %2
ErrSOAPConfigName SOAP class %1 cannot be invoked because there is no Ensemble service configured with this name
ErrSOAPConfigType SOAP service %1 cannot be invoked because it is not a service
ErrSQLParmCount Execute called with a different number of input parameters (%1) than SQLDescribeParameters() demands (%2)
ErrSuspending Suspending message %1 as requested by message handler with status: %2
ErrTCPListen Unable to open TCP/IP port %1 within timeout %2 - Details: %3
ErrTCPReadBlockSize TCP Read(%2) with timeout period (%1) failed with : %3
ErrTCPReadBlockSizeTimeoutExpired TCP block size Read (%2) timeout period (%1) expired
ErrTCPReadTimeoutExpired TCP Read(%2) timeout period (%1) expired (charset='%3')
ErrTCPTerminatedReadTimeoutExpired TCP Read timeout (%1) expired waiting for terminator %2, data received ='%3'
ErrTelnetConnectFailed Telnet: Failed to connect to Telnet server at %1, error code %2
ErrTelnetFindFailed Telnet: Failed to find %1 string(s): '%2', status %3)
ErrTelnetLoginFailed Telnet: Login attempt to %1 resulted in Failure Notice '%2'
ErrTerminate InterSystems IRIS system termination request detected
ErrUnsupportedRequestType Request type %1 is not in %2 signature '%3'
ErrValueWithClear 'value' attribute must not be specified when 'type' attribute is 'clear'
ErrValueWithRemove 'value' attribute must not be specified when 'type' attribute is 'remove'
ErrXDataBlockNotDefined XDATA block '%2' is not defined in class '%1'
ErrXMLValidation Error in XML Validation: %1 %2

Workflow Errors

Error Code Description
ErrGeneral %1
ErrNoRoleSet Unable to create RoleSet
ErrNoUserSet Unable to create UserSet
ErrNoUsersFound No Users found to assign Task to
ErrRoleUndefined Workflow Role '%1' not defined
ErrTaskAlreadyAssigned Task '%1' is already assigned
ErrTaskAssignedToOther Task '%1' is assigned to another User '%2'
ErrTaskCreateFailure Unable to create TaskHandler '%1'
ErrTaskWrongType TaskHandler class '%1' has wrong Type
ErrUserUndefined Workflow User '%1' not defined

XPATH Transformation Errors

Error Code Description
XPathDOMResult XPath dom result returned when single value requested
XPathMultipleResults XPath expression evaluation returned multiple results
XPathNOResult XPath expression evaluation didn't return any results

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Errors

Error Code Description
ErrMapBuild1 %1 BuildMap error: %2
ErrMapBuilds %1 BuildMap errors; first: %2
ErrMapDocType No %1 schema structure is defined for DocType '%2'
ErrMapRequired Missing required %1 element at segment %2
ErrMapRequiredUnion Missing required %1 union element at segment %2
ErrMapSeg Segment '%1' not mapped by schema
ErrMapSegCount Missing required count (%1) for %2 segment at segment %3
ErrMapSegUnrecog Unrecognized Segment %1 found after segment %2
ErrMapWildSegUnrecog Unrecognized '%3' Segment %1 found after segment %2
ErrMapWildSegUnrecogAfterWild Unrecognized '%3' Segment %1 found after '%3' segment %2
InvalidCategoryName Category name %1 is invalid
InvalidDocType Document Type '%1' is invalid
InvalidDocumentTypeName Document Type Name '%1' is invalid
InvalidSegmentTypeName Segment name '%1' is invalid
UnknownCategoryName Category name %1 is unknown
UnknownDocumentTypeName Document Type Name '%2' not found in Document Category '%1'
UnknownSegmentTypeName Segment name '%1' is unknown

HL7 Version 2 Message Routing Errors

Error Code Description
ErrAckSeqNum ACKing to MSH Sequence Number query
ErrEndBlock Received unexpected EndBlock '%1' in input "%3", expected '%2'
ErrGeneral %1
ErrStartBlock Received unexpected StartBlock '%1' in input "%3", expected '%2'

X12 Standard Exchange Format (SEF) File Errors

Error Code Description
FileNotExists EDI Schema definition file '%1' does not exist
NodeEnumeration %1 value '%2' is not in enumeration %3
NodeIdentification for Node %1
NodeValidation %1 value '%2' Failed Validation for Node %3

X12 Message Routing Errors

Error Code Description
BadBINLength Binary '%1' segment contains invalid length value %2; text:'%3'
BinaryLeftover Binary segment contains extra text '%1'
CannotDetermineSchema Schema cannot be determined, cannot validate transaction
CannotRespond Not enough data to Generate valid Response
ConstraintViolation Constraint violated: %1 for: %2
ControlSegment Referenced SetSegment %1 is a Control Segment
ControlSegmentNameMandatory Control Segment name must NOT be empty
ControlVersionUnsupported This control version: %1 NOT supported; found in segment %2 at %3
DuplicateControlNumber Duplicate Interchange Control Number %1 for Sender %2
DuplicateSegmentRef Segment reference: %1 already exists
DuplicateTSControlNumber Duplicate Transaction Set Control Number %1
ElementNameMandatory Element Name cannot be empty
EmptyElement Element %1 has empty value in segment %2
ExistsElement Element %1 has non-empty value in segment %2
ExpectedDelimiter Expected delimiter Ascii %1; in segment %2
ExpectedSegment Expected %1 Segment; got segment: '%2' at %3
FatalInterchangeError Fatal X12 Interchange Error
GroupControlNumberMismatch Group control number mismatch, expected %1, received %2 at: %3
ImplementationKeyReserved Implementation key ISC reserved for use by InterSystems Corporation
IncorrectFunctionalGroupCount Number of included functional groups mismatch, expected: %1 tallied: %2 at: %3
IncorrectSegmentCount Number of included segments count is incorrect, expected %1, tallied: %2 at: %3
IncorrectTransactionCount Number of included transactions count is incorrect, expected %1, tallied: %2 at: %3
IndexImmutable Cannot modify by index, current access mode is by Path
InterchangeControlNumberMismatch Interchange control number mismatch, expected %1, received %2 at: %3
InvalidCode Element %1, code value %2 at segment: %3 is invalid
InvalidComponentReference Invalid component in path %1
InvalidComponentSeparator Invalid Component Element separator 'Ascii %1' in segment '%2' at %3
InvalidCompositeElement Composite Element: %1 is not valid for segment: %2
InvalidDataSeparator Invalid Data Element separator 'Ascii %1' in segment: at '%2' at %3
InvalidExponent Exponent Is Invalid must be signed/unsigned integer
InvalidHSC Invalid Hierarchical Structure Code %1
InvalidIndex Invalid syntax in property path %1, repetition index MUST be 1 or Greater
InvalidItemName Item name %1 is invalid
InvalidItemReference Invalid item in path %1
InvalidNumericValue Invalid numeric value: %1
InvalidPropertyPath Property Path %1 is invalid
InvalidRepetitionSeparator Invalid Repetition separator 'Ascii %1' in segment '%2' at %3
InvalidSegmentItem Item: %1 is not valid for segment: %2
InvalidSegmentName Segment name '%1' in segment '%2' is badly formed at %3
InvalidSegmentRef Segment reference: %1 is invalid
InvalidSegmentTerminator Invalid Segment Terminator 'Ascii %1' in segment '%2' at %3
InvalidSegmentType Segment Type %1 at %3 not allowed after segment %2
InvalidType Both Category and TName must be present in transaction set type reference %1
ISATruncated Interchange Header (ISA) segment is too short (must be 106 characters); found %1:'%2' at %3
ItemNotBinary Referenced Item: %1 is NOT binary
ItemNotComposite Referenced Item: %1 is NOT a Composite Value
MaxIndex Repetition index exceeds maximum : %1
NotUsedHasValue Item %1 marked as not used, has non-empty value
PathImmutable Cannot modify by path, current access mode is by Index
SchemaUnresolved Cannot use path as schema is unresolved (DocType Not Set or Invalid?)
SegmentDoesNotExist Segment ID: % does not exist in segment storage
SegmentImmutable Segment is immutable, cannot modify
SegmentRuleViolated %1 Rule %2 Violated for segment: %3
TA1OrGroupNotSeen At Least one TA1 Acknowledgment or Functional Group MUST be included in Interchange
TA1ValidationFailed Validation error occured for element: %1 of TA1 acknowledgment at segment: %2
TransactionImmutable TransactionSet is immutable, cannot modify
TransactionSetControlNumberMismatch TransactionSet control number mismatch, expected %1 received: %2 at: %3
UnexpectedElement Too many elements in segment %1
UnexpectedEOD Unexpected end of data after '%1' at %2 : %3
UnexpectedEODBinary Unexpected end of data while reading binary segment after '%1'
UnhandledTA1 Unable to process TA1 see segment: %2
UnknownBinarySegment Unrecognized Binary Segment %1
UnknownComponentReference Unrecognized component in path %1
UnknownElementName Unrecognized element name: %1
UnknownHSC Unrecognized Hierarchical Structure Code %1
UnknownItemName Item name %1 is unknown
UnknownItemReference Unrecognized item in path %1
UnknownSender Unknown Sender
ValidateComposite Cannot Validate Composite

DICOM Message Routing Errors

Error Code Description
AbstractSyntaxNotSupported Abstract Syntax '%1' is NOT supported
BadCalledAET The Called AET has an invalid value
BadCallingAET The Calling AET has an invalid value
BadCharacter Expected '%1' found '%2' in property reference '%3' at position '%4'
BadTagValue The tag value '%1' must be 4 hexadecimal digits in property reference '%2' at position '%3'
ContextMismatch Context IDs in successive message fragments don't match
ConvertToXML Unable to convert DICOM file '%1' to XML
DataElementIsNotASequence The dataelement '%1' in property reference '%2' at position '%3' is not of type 'sequence'
DataSetTagNotFound The 'data-set' element could not be found in the XML meta data
DataValueFailsVMConstraint Data Value for Tag '%1' failed value multiplicity constraint '%2'
DataValueFailsVRConstraint Data Value for Tag '%1' failed value representation constraint '%2'
FileNameForStoreOperationNotFound The file name for the C-STORE operation could not be determined
InvalidFileFormat The Dicom File appears to contain invalid data
InvalidMessageHandler Message Handler must be a type of EnsLib.DICOM.Util.MessageHandler
InvalidPropertyReference The property reference '%1' is invalid
MaxAbstractSyntaxCountExceeded Maximum number of Abstract Syntax items exceeded
MaxApplicationContextCountExceeded Maximum number of Application Context items exceeded
MaxReceivedPDULen Received PDU Length of '%1' exceeds negotiated maximum of '%2'
MaxTransferSyntaxCountExceeded Maximum number of Transfer Syntax items exceeded
MaxUserInfoItemsExceeded Maximum number of User Information items exceeded
MaxUserMaxLenCountExceeded Maximum number of User MaxLen items exceeded
MessageIncomplete Message '%1' - incomplete
NoActiveAssociation No Active Association for Calling-AET '%1 and Called-AET '%2'
NoAssociationDefinedForPeers No AssociationContext defined for Calling-AET '%1' and Called-AET '%2'
PDUBadLength PDU '%1' - Item '%2', expected length of '%3', received '%4'
PDUBadValue PDU '%1' - Item '%2', expected value of '%3', received '%4'
PeerAssociationNoLongerExists The Peer Association no longer exists, processing cannot continue
PeerClosedConnection Peer closed connection
PeerRejectedAssociation Peer rejected Association. Source: '%1' Reason: '%2'
PeerRequestedAbort Peer requested Association Abort
SyntaxError Syntax Error in property reference '%1' at position '%2'
TimedOutWaitingForResponseFromPeer Timed-out waiting for response from peer
TransferSyntaxNotSupported Transport Syntax '%1' is NOT supported
UnableToConnectToPeer Unable to Connect to peer '%1 : '%2'
UnableToCreateDirectory UnableToCreateDirectory '%1'
UnexpectedAdapterState Protocol Error, Adapter is in state '%1', expected state '%2'
UnexpectedItem Unexpected Item type '%1' received
UnexpectedMessage Unexpected Message type '%1' received
UnexpectedPDU Unexpected PDU type '%1' received
UnrecognizedAbstractSyntax The Abstract Syntax '%1' is unrecognized
UnrecognizedCommandReceived Unrecognized (unsupported) command '%1' received
UnrecognizedDataElement The Data Element '%1' is unrecognized
UnrecognizedTag The Data Element Tag '%1' is unrecognized
UnrecognizedTransferSyntax The Transfer Syntax '%1' is unrecognized
VDOCPropertyDoesNotExist The property specified by property path %1 does not exist
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