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Receiving a C-CDA Document and Converting it to an Internal Format

If you receive a CDA or C-CDA document and wish to parse it and store its contents in an internal database, apply the provided transformation from CDA or C-CDA to SDA, for example, CCDA-to-SDA.xsl, and then write code to transform the SDA into your internal database format.

These transformations are in the folder install-dir\CSP\xslt\SDA3\. The available transformations from CDA and C-CDA include:

  • AU-CDA-to-SDA

  • CCDA-to-SDA

  • CCDAv21-nonXML-to-SDA

  • CCDAv21-to-SDA

  • CDA-to-CreateClinicalMessageRequest

  • CDA-to-SDA

See SDA Documents for more details on the structure of the SDA.

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