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Configuring Studio to Use TLS with InterSystems IRIS

You can configure Studio to use a TLS connection. The process involves several steps:

  1. On the instance acting as a TLS server and accepting the connection from Studio:

    1. Set up the %SuperServer TLS configuration. For more information on this process, see “Configuring the InterSystems IRIS Superserver to Use TLS.”

    2. Enable TLS connections for superserver clients (because Studio is a superserver client).

      Specifically, on the System-wide Security Parameters page (System Administration > Security > System Security > System-wide Security Parameters), for the Superserver SSL/TLS Support field, choose Enabled.

  2. On the Windows machine where Studio is running (which is acting as a TLS client), configure the settings file for the connection from Studio to the TLS server instance. For more information on this process, see Connecting from a Windows Client Using a Settings File.

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