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Properties of Application Definitions

Each application definition includes the following properties:

Application Definition Properties
Property Name Property Description
Name The name of the application. This must start with an alphabetic character and must be followed by alphabetic, numeric, or underscore characters. The application's name is independent of the name of any resource.
Description A displayable description of the application.
Enabled A switch that enables or disables the application. If the application is disabled, then no one can run the application — not even a member of the %All role.
Resource A resource that controls application behavior. It has different effects for different application types. For Web and client applications, it controls whether or not users have access to the application. For privileged routine applications, it controls the routine's role escalation.
Application Roles One or more roles that InterSystems IRIS assigns to users of the application. InterSystems IRIS appends the additional roles to the $ROLES variable.
Matching Roles A list of roles whose members are assigned additional roles (called target roles) while using the application. That is, if a user is a member of a matching role, InterSystems IRIS assigns the user to the target roles while the user is using the application.

In addition, each of the different types of application definitions includes properties specific to that type. These are covered later in the tutorial.

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