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Assets and Resources

Database assets are the files, services, applications, administrative actions, and so on that the InterSystems security system protects. Within the security system, the assets are represented by resources. Each resource can represent one or more assets. The following table lists several examples of resources.

Resource Types
Type Examples Protected Assets
Database Resources %DB_USER, %DB_IRISLIB The databases automatically installed with InterSystems IRIS.
Services %Service_Bindings, %Service_WebGateway, %Service_Console, %Service_CacheDirect Mechanisms for connecting to InterSystems IRIS.
Administrative and Development %Admin_Manage, %Admin_Operate, %Admin_Secure, %Development Sets of administrative tasks or development related tools.
User defined N/A User defined applications or databases.

For instructions on creating and editing a resource, see Creating and Editing a Resource in the appendix to this tutorial.

For more information on resources, see Using Resources to Protect Assets.

For more information on services, see Services.

For more information on authentication, see the Authentication section of this tutorial as well as the Authentication Guide.

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