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Database Resources

Database resources control access to InterSystems IRIS databases. A database stores the name of its associated resource in its label block.

When you create a new database using the Management Portal, the wizard forces you to either create a new resource for the database or choose an existing resource. You can also use the Management Portal to change the resource associated with a database.

There are several rules governing InterSystems IRIS databases and their resources:

  • All mounted databases must have some associated resource.

    • If you attempt to mount an existing database with no resource name, InterSystems IRIS assigns the default resource, %DB_%DEFAULT, to the database.

    • If you explicitly attempt to mount a database with an unknown (not in the security system) or invalid resource name, InterSystems IRIS prompts you to either change the name or create the resource.

    • An automatic attempt to mount a database with an unknown or invalid resource name fails with an error.

  • All database resource names must begin with “%DB_”. For custom resources the first character after the underscore should not be “%”.

Here are the default roles and permissions associated with the %DB_%DEFAULT resource:

%DB_%DEFAULT Roles and Permissions
Role Permissions
%Developer READ,WRITE

You can change the roles and permissions associated with the %DB_%DEFAULT resource, but you cannot delete the resource.

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