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Store a message to acknowledge a step achieved by a business process.


<milestone value='"The applicant has been notified of the interest rate."' />


Attribute or Element Description Value
value attribute Required. This is the text for the milestone message. It can be a literal text string or an expression to be evaluated. A string of one or more characters. May be an expression or a literal string. If this is an expression, it must use the scripting language specified by the containing <process> element.
name, disabled, xpos, ypos, xend, yend attributes See “Common Attributes and Elements.”  
<annotation> element


A <milestone> activity writes a message to the InterSystems IRIS database. <milestone> works very much like <trace>, but unlike <trace> messages, <milestone> messages exist only while the associated business process is running. After the business process exits, all messages generated by <milestone> activities are removed.

Often a programmer uses <trace> messages for diagnostic purposes, whereas <milestone> messages can be helpful to track the progress of a correctly operating, long-running business process.

You can retrieve <milestone> messages by examining values in the Ens.Milestone global. The global is defined only if your production has issued <milestone> messages. To obtain the value of Ens.Milestone:

  • Programmatically, use the information in the “Using Multidimensional Storage (Globals)” chapter in Using InterSystems IRIS Multidimensional Storage.

  • From the Management Portal, navigate to the System Explorer > Globals page, ensure that the Namespaces option is selected, and click the name of the namespace where your production runs. The View Globals option is selected by default.

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