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SET Statement (MDX)

Creates a pivot variable for use in the current session, for the purpose of development. This statement is available only in the MDX shell.

Syntax and Details

SET variable_name variable_value


  • variable_name is the name of the pivot variable (without the leading $variable. syntax). The name is not case-sensitive; the system ignores the case when you refer to the variable. You cannot create multiple variables with names that differ only in case.

    Note that this pivot variable is independent of any cube and is available only for use within the current shell session.

  • variable_value is the value of the pivot variable.

    For information on pivot variables, see Defining and Using Pivot Variables.


The following MDX shell session provides an example:

>>set mypivotvar
mypivotvar is:
>>select $variable.mypivotvar on 0 from patients
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