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Windows Web Server Installation

This page details the steps for attended web server installations using the installer wizard.

Make sure you have completed the following before performing the steps on this page:

Web Server Installation Overview


  • A web server installation installs only the components of InterSystems IRIS that are required for the Web Gateway.


  • Web server installations include the following component groups:

    • Web Gateway

Step 1: External Web Server Configuration


  • The installer will automatically configure the Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) web server. Make sure you installed the web server prior to beginning the installation.


  • Review details on automatic configuration behavior for IIS web servers.

  • If a local web server is not detected, you will have to manually connect your web server after the installation finishes.

  • The Web Gateway configures the following application paths pointing to the server configured for the instance:

    • /

    • /csp

    • /instance-name (by default, /IRIS)

Step 2: Review Installation


  • Review the installation options you specified.

  • Once you have reviewed the installation options, select Install.

Step 3: Complete Installation


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