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Introduction to the PEX Framework

The Production EXtension (PEX) framework provides you with a choice of external languages like Java and Python that you can use to develop interoperability productions. Interoperability productions enable you to integrate systems with different message formats and communication protocols. If you are not familiar with interoperability productions, see “Introduction to Productions.”

PEX provides flexible connections between business services, processes, and operations that are implemented in external languages. In addition, you can use PEX-supported languages to develop inbound and outbound adapters. The PEX framework allows you to create an entire production in an external language or to create a production that has a mix of external language components and ObjectScript components. Once integrated, the production components written in an external language are called at runtime and use the PEX framework to send messages to other components in the production.

Some reasons to use the PEX framework include:

  • Creating new adapters for protocols using available libraries written in an external language.

  • Using available external language libraries to perform complex analysis or calculations.

  • Implementing persistent messaging and long-running business processes without using ObjectScript in your application’s technology stack.

You can create the following production components using a PEX-supported language:

  • Inbound Adapter

  • Outbound Adapter

  • Business Service

  • Business Process

  • Business Operation

In addition to developing the code for the production components, you will typically define, configure, and monitor the production using the Management Portal. For example, you’ll use the Management Portal to create the production, configure the business services, processes, and operations, start and stop the production, and trace persistent messages running through the production.


PEX replaces the Java Business Hosts feature. For information on migrating existing Java Business Hosts productions to use PEX, see the community article Migrate from Java Business Host to PEXOpens in a new tab. Java Business Hosts was deprecated in release 2019.3 and is no longer part of the product.

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