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Using the WS-Security Login Feature

If your InterSystems IRIS® data platform web client is using a web service that requires authentication, and if do not want to use the newer WS-Security features, you can use the older and simpler WS-Security login feature.

To use the WS-Security login feature:

  1. Ensure that you are using SSL between the web client and the web server that hosts the web service. The WS-Security header is sent in clear text, so this technique is not secure unless SSL is used. See Configuring the Client to Use SSL.

  2. Invoke the WSSecurityLogin() method of the web client. This method accepts the username and password, generates a WS-Security username token with clear text password, and adds a WS-Security header to the web request.

  3. Invoke the web method.

This technique adds the security token only to the next SOAP message.

For information on the newer WS-Security features, see Securing Web Services.

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