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Windows User Accounts

When installing InterSystems IRIS, you must choose the Windows user account to run the InterSystems service, InterSystems IRIS Controller for <instance-name>. There are two options:

  • The default SYSTEM account (Windows Local System account). This is used in Minimal security installations.

  • A defined Windows user account.

Running the InterSystems service under the default SYSTEM account is appropriate for many installations, but in some cases can cause issues relating to file permissions and network security access. If you anticipate potential problems in these areas for an InterSystems IRIS instance—for example due to your network configuration or security arrangements—specify a Windows account for the InterSystems service that has the needed privileges and access, such as a domain administrator account.

For instructions on how to change the service account after installation, see Managing Access to the InterSystems IRIS Instance.


If you are using Kerberos, you must configure a Windows account before installing InterSystems IRIS. InterSystems recommends you use a separate account specifically set up for this purpose as described in Preparing the Security Environment for Kerberos.


If running InterSystems IRIS under a defined Windows user account, be sure to grant that account the Windows “Lock Pages in Memory” (SELockMemory) privilege. See Configuring Large Pages on Windows in the “Preparing to Install InterSystems IRIS” chapter for details.

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