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Creating a New BPL Business Process

This page describes how to get started creating a new BPL business process.

Using the Business Process Wizard

The Business Process Wizard enables you to create a BPL business process class inherited from Ens.BusinessProcessBPLOpens in a new tab.

To access the wizard, display the list of business processes and then click New. The wizard then displays a dialog box where you can specify the following preliminary characteristics of your BPL business process:


Enter a package name to contain the business process class or select from a list of packages in the namespace.


Enter a name for your BPL business process class.


(Optional) Enter a description for the business process; this becomes the class description.

When you complete the wizard by clicking OK, the start and end points of the BPL diagram display in the Business Process Designer, ready for you to add activities to your BPL business process.

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