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Welcome to InterSystems Supply Chain Orchestrator 2024.1

InterSystems Supply Chain Orchestrator™ is a new product; see the product introduction.

The core of InterSystems Supply Chain Orchestrator is InterSystems IRIS® data platform with the addition of the separately released InterSystems Supply Chain Framework.

InterSystems Supply Chain Framework is supported on InterSystems IRIS 2022.1 and higher. For your convenience, the set of documentation that you are currently viewing includes the documentation for InterSystems IRIS 2024.1.

See the following table for release-specific information.

For information on See
Changes in the InterSystems Supply Chain Framework 1.1.x Supply Chain Framework 1.1.x
Features in the InterSystems IRIS 2024.1 release New in InterSystems IRIS 2024.1
Incompatibilities in the InterSystems IRIS 2024.1 release, including incompatibilities from the previous major release (the “upgrade checklist)” Change NotesOpens in a new tab
Incompatibility history (all releases) for InterSystems IRIS Incompatibility HistoryOpens in a new tab
Tasks to perform when you upgrade InterSystems IRIS
Supported platforms for InterSystems IRIS 2024.1 (but see comments above table) Supported Platforms Guide
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