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Introduction to the Native SDK for Node.js

See the Table of Contents for a detailed listing of the subjects covered in this document. See the Native SDK Quick Reference for Node.js for a brief description of Native SDK classes and methods.

The InterSystems Native SDK for Node.js is a lightweight interface to powerful InterSystems IRIS® resources that were once available only through ObjectScript:


To use the Native SDK for Node.js, you must download the Node.js connection package as described in Connection ToolsOpens in a new tab.

Support for Node.js Relational Access

InterSystems also supports Node.js relational access. The node-odbc open source Node.js module is supported on both Windows and UNIX® based systems. See “Support for Node.js Relational Access” in Using the InterSystems ODBC Driver for details.

Native SDKs for other languages

Versions of the Native SDK are also available for Java, .NET, and Python:

More information about globals

To learn more about globals, see the following:

  • Using Globals — Describes how to use globals in ObjectScript, and provides more information about how multidimensional storage is implemented on the server.

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