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CSP Error Codes

This page describes causes of errors that can occur within a CSP-based web application, as well as approaches to solving them. Some of these errors apply only in tag-based development but are included here for simplicity.

CSP Error Codes, Error Messages, and When Reported
Error Code Error Message When Reported
5902 Rule '%1' does not exist Reported when calling %apiCSP to add attributes to a rule if you specify a rule name that does not exist.
5903 Rule name is required Reported if you attempt to add or delete a rule but do not provide a name for the rule.
5904 Attribute '%2' is required for tag '<%1>' on line number %3 Reported if you did not supply a required attribute for a tag in the CSP page. The page cannot compile without this required attribute.
5905 The value of attribute %1, '%2', is invalid, on line number %3 Reported if the value of an attribute in a CSP page is not a valid choice. For example if you define <script language="Cache" runat="XXXXX">, the runat value is not a valid choice. The CSP compiler cannot compile this page and reports this error.
5906 Session ID is missing Reported if you attempt to create an instance of %CSP.SessionOpens in a new tab without supplying a session ID in the %New() method. For example, Set session=##class(%CSP.Session).%New()' reports this error but Set session=##class(%CSP.Session).%New(1234)' does not as it passes the session ID 1234.
5907 Session ID '%1' does not exist Reported if you attempt to load an existing %CSP.Session but pass the %OpenId() a session ID that is not stored in InterSystems IRIS® data platform.
5908 Failed to create class '%1': %2 Reported by the CSP compiler if it cannot create the class corresponding to the CSP page.
5909 There is no closing tag for the tag <%1> on line number %2 Reported if the CSP compiler detects that you opened a tag but never closed it (if the tag specifies that it needs a closing tag in the rule definition).
5911 Character Set '%1' not installed, unable to perform character set translation Reported if the character set specified in the CSP page to output this page is not installed in InterSystems IRIS. This could be the character set specified in the %response.CharSet property in the OnPreHTTP() method. See the charset property of the class %CSP.PageOpens in a new tab. Check that you intend to use the character set reported in the error and if so, check that this is installed in InterSystems IRIS. or by setting the %response.CharSet property in the OnPreHTTP() method.
5912 CSP Page '%1' does not exist Reported if you request a CSP page that does not exist. You may have mistyped a URL or a link on another CSP page may be incorrect. Check if the page exists on the server and, if not, then look for where the link came from. If the page should exist, make sure the web application settings are correctly set to point to the right directory and check that the CSP file exists on the disk. This error only occurs if the autocompile option is on and the CSP engine tries to compile this page and cannot find the file.
5914 Web Application '%1' does not exist Reported when the application part of the URL cannot be found in the web application list. For example, you try to load the page /cspx/samples/menu.csp with a type of cspx rather than csp, then InterSystems IRIS cannot find the web application. Check the list of applications by navigating to System Administration > Security > Applications > Web Applications in the Management Portal and check the command for mistakes.
5915 Cannot allocate a license Reported if the license limit has been reached so this new request for a CSP session cannot be granted. You may be able to reduce the default timeout on CSP sessions specified in the web application configuration or you need to look at buying more licenses.
5916 Illegal CSP Request Reported when you try to reach a private page by entering the URL instead of being redirected from another CSP page which includes the encrypted token to allow access to this page, or by using an invalid encrypted token to allow access to this private page.
5917 HTTP method '%1' not supported by CSP Reported when you attempt to use an unsupported HTTP method. HTTP methods supported are GET, POST, HEAD. We do not support other HTTP methods in the CSP server at present. It can also be caused by an incompatible version of the Web Gateway talking to the CSP server.
5918 You are logged out, and can no longer perform that action Reported if the CSP request contains encrypted data, but the session is a brand new session, so there is no way that the decryption key can match the encrypted data. Typically this is because the session has timed out. Then the user subsequently does something in the browser to cause another request. You can increase the session timeout value or use the error mechanism to redirect the user to an initial page so they can start their action again.
5919 The action you are requesting is not valid Reported typically when passing an encrypted string to InterSystems IRIS from the CSP page where the decryption key does not match the key used to encrypt this data. This can be caused by the user tampering with the URL manually or by anything that could change the value of the encrypted string between it being generated in InterSystems IRIS and returned back to InterSystems IRIS in the next HTTP message.
5920 Must run this CSP page from namespace '%1' Each web application is tied to a specific namespace in InterSystems IRIS. This error is reported if you attempt to do something such as compiling a page from /csp/samples/loop.csp in the USER namespace when the /csp/samples application is tied to the SAMPLES namespace.
5921 The web application '%1' must specify a namespace to run in Reported if the configuration of the web application is missing the namespace. This generally indicates that the CPF file has been badly edited by hand as the Management Portal does not allow a web application to be created without a namespace.
5922 Timed out waiting for response Reported by the %Net.HttpRequestOpens in a new tab object when it times out waiting for a response from the HTTP server it is talking to.
5923 Redirected %1 times, appears to be a redirection loop Reported If more than 4 redirects are detected in one page. The compiler assumes that there is a loop. If a CSP page uses the ServerSideRedirect to jump to another page there is a possibility that page A.csp could redirect to B.csp which redirects to A.csp creating a loop.
5924 An error occurred and the specified error page could not be displayed - please inform the web master When an error in a CSP page occurs at runtime, the CSP engine redirects to a user-specified error page that can handle the error in any manner it wishes. If, however, this user-specified error page does not exist or there is an error in generating this error page, then the CSP engine logs the fact that something has gone wrong using BACK^%ETN and reports this error message. As this error may appear on a production system if there is a bug in the user— written error page, the message is deliberately vague. To resolve this error, first check that the error page specified in the web application exists and then look at possible bugs in this error page.
5925 <SCRIPT LANGUAGE=Cache> tag is missing either RUNAT or METHOD attribute, on line number %1 Reported if the <script language="Cache"> tag is missing the required attribute runat (to tell the CSP compiler when this code should run), or themethod attribute to create a new method.
5926 Unable to redirect as HTTP headers have already been written and flushed Reported if you try to use a server side redirect after data has been written to the browser .If you attempt to use the %response.ServerSideRedirect feature to redirect to another page, this must be done before any data has been written back to the browser. Typically this means you must do this in the OnPreHTTP() method of the page.
5927 Unable to load page '%1' because its class name conflicts with the class '%2' that is already loaded Reported if you have two CSP files with identical names in different applications in the same namespace: For example, if you have two CSP applications, /test and /anothertest, both in the USER namespace. which are in different directories on the InterSystems IRIS server, each of which has a file test.csp. If you have autocompile turned on and you enter the URL /test/test.csp the CSP compiler compiles this page into the class csp.test. If you enter the URL /anothertest/test.csp, it tries to load this page to create the class csp.test, finds it already exists for a different application and reports this error. If it did not do this, you would see very poor performance as each request would recompile the entire page. Either avoid using identical file names in the same namespace or change the package defined in the web application, which defaults to csp. For example, change/anothertest to use package name package. Then when it compiles test.csp, it creates the class name package.test which does not conflict with the other application that uses csp.test.
5931 Can only call this method/set this value in OnPreHTTP() before page has started to be displayed Reported if you call a function that needs to be called in the OnPreHTTP() method of the page so that it can modify some parameters before any data is output to the browser. Move this call to the OnPreHTTP() method to resolve this.
5932 Action not valid with this version of the Web Gateway on the web server Reported if the version of the Web Gateway you are using does not support this action. Either do not use this feature or upgrade the version of the Web Gateway to a later version.
5933 The CSP server had an internal error: %1 Reported if an unexpected error condition has occurred inside the CSP engine. Please report this to InterSystems support.
5954 Failed to lock CSP page. When a CSP page is autocompiled it is first locked to make sure that two jobs do not both attempt to compile the same page at the same time. If the lock is not released by the other job in 60 seconds, it assumes the compile failed for some reason and reports this error message. Try recompiling this page from Studio to see if any errors are reported.
5955 CSPAppList query: invalid data in Fetch(). Reported if the query to determine the list of CSP applications is invalid. This error should never be seen on a working system.
5956 Directory '%1' for Web Application '%2' does not exist Reported if the directory pointed to by the web application does not exist in the file system.
5961 Unable to convert character set '%1'. Reported when a request from a browser comes in. The information sent by the browser is converted into the current InterSystems IRIS default locale and there is an error. To debug the conversion, isolate the information being sent by the browser and convert it from that character set manually in a test program.
5962 Unable to allocate new session. Reported when calling %session.ForceNewSession() if there are no new slots in this session Id.
5963 Invalid SysLog level: %1. Reported when setting the internal log level if the level is outside the allowed range.
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