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Installing a Web Server

Before installing InterSystems IRIS, you should install a supported web server in order to access web applications, including the Management Portal. The installation procedure will vary depending on the web server you choose. For details, you should refer to your web server’s documentation.

In many cases, the InterSystems IRIS installer can automatically configure a new or upgraded instance to serve its built-in web applications using your web server. For details, see Connect Your Web Server Automatically.

If you would like to manually set up your web server, you can do this after installing IRIS. For details, see Connect Your Web Server Manually.

If you intend on configuring the web server manually (or not configuring a web server at all) and you are performing an unattended installation, make sure that you set the parameter ISC_PACKAGE_WEB_CONFIGURE="N". Otherwise, the installation will attempt to automatically configure your web server and will fail if a web server is not detected.


InterSystems recommends using the Apache httpd web server because it can be automatically configured during the installation process. Make sure it is installed and running before beginning the installation process. In most cases, it is not necessary to manually configure the Apache web server.

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