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Installation Directory

The installation directory is the directory in which an InterSystems IRIS instance is installed. Throughout the documentation, this is referred to as install-dir. Once InterSystems IRIS is installed, it is impossible to change the installation directory.

There are several restrictions to what you can specify as the install-dir. The directory must be a fully resolved physical path, containing no symbolic links. The name of the directory can only use characters in the US ASCII character set, and cannot contain a caret (^). Also, InterSystems IRIS cannot be installed into a directory that is:

  • a UNC (non-local) path.

  • at the root level of a drive (such as C:\).

  • anywhere under the \Program Files directory.

If unspecified during installation, install-dir uses a default value. This default varies by platform, installation type, and user choice, as shown in the following table:


Installation Type

Default Directory


attended C:\InterSystems\Iris (or IrisN when multiple instances exist), unless installing user specifies otherwise.
unattended C:\InterSystems\Iris (or IrisN when multiple instances exist), unless INSTALLDIR property specifies otherwise.

UNIX®, Linux, macOS

attended No default; installing user must specify.

Do not choose the /home directory, any of its subdirectories, or the /usr/local/etc/irissys directory.

unattended No default; ISC_PACKAGE_INSTALLDIR parameter required.
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