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.NET with InterSystems Overview

See the Table of Contents for a detailed listing of the subjects covered in this document.

InterSystems IRIS® provides a wide variety of robust .NET connectivity options, including lightweight SDKs that provide database access via .NET ADO, .NET objects, or InterSystems multidimensional storage, and gateways that give InterSystems IRIS server applications direct access to .NET applications and external databases.

This document describes how to use the IRISClient .NET assembly, which provides two different but complementary ways to access InterSystems databases from a .NET application:

  • The ADO.NET Managed Provider — is InterSystems implementation of the ADO.NET data access interface. It provides easy relational access to data using the standard ADO.NET Managed Provider classes (see “Using ADO.NET Managed Provider Classes”).

  • The Entity Framework Provider — is the InterSystems implementation of the object-relational mapping (ORM) framework for ADO.NET. It enables .NET developers to work with relational data using domain-specific objects (see “Using the Entity Framework Provider”).

The IRISClient assembly is implemented using .NET managed code throughout, making it easy to deploy within a .NET environment. It is thread-safe and can be used within multithreaded .NET applications.

This document covers the following topics:

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