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Listing the Business Processes

This page describes how to list the business processes available in the current namespace. From this list, you have options to create, edit, and see the activity of business processes.

The Business Process List Page

To list the business processes available in the current namespace, display the Business Process List page (available only for interoperability-enabled namespaces.) To navigate to this page in the Management Portal, select Interoperability > List > Business Processes.

BPL business processes are displayed in blue; you can double-click one to open it in the Business Process Designer. Business processes displayed in black are custom classes you must edit in Studio.

You can select a business process class to be the target of one of the following commands in the ribbon bar:

  • New — Click this to launch the Business Process Wizard.

  • Open (BPL classes only) — Click this to edit the selected business process in the Business Process Designer.

  • Export — Click to export the selected business process class to an XML file.

  • Import — Click to import a business process that was exported to an XML file.

  • Delete — Click to delete the selected business process class.

  • Instances — Click to list any current instances of the business process in the running production. If a business process has completed its work, there is no entry for it on this page.

    See Monitoring Productions.

  • Rule Log — Click to view the business rule log for rules invoked by this business process.

    See Monitoring Productions.

You can also export and import business process classes as you do any other class in InterSystems IRIS. You can use the Classes page of the Management Portal, which is accessed by selecting System Explorer > Classes. You can also use the Export and Import commands on the Tools menu in Studio.

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