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Configuring Source Control Settings

There is a flag to indicate whether the source control system requires a project context to be supplied to work correctly. The flag is activated as follows:

 Set ^%SYS("Ensemble","SourceControl", $namespace, "ProjectContext") = 1

Existing user templates used as dialog windows in Studio must include the Ens_SourceControl.js in /csp/broker/ensemble/ (which can be referenced by the path ensemble/Ens_SourceControl.js) to manage your browser-based interactions. This inclusion is required both for any web pages. Depending on the context required by your source control hooks, you may need to add some extra data to certain returns.

You can configure source control settings for each interoperability-enabled namespace. For information on this, see Integrating InterSystems IRIS with Source Control Systems.

The Production Configuration Page, which you reach by selecting Interoperability > Configure > Production, supports source control by default. If you want to exclude the Production Configuration Page from source control, select Interoperability > Manage > Configuration > Interoperability Settings and select the check box labeled Exclude Production Configuration Page from Source Control: then Apply.

When source control is in use, source control buttons appear on the page:

Source Control Commands button – Source Control Commands

View Source Control Output buttonView Source Control Output

Click the Source Control Commands button to see available commands. The exact menu of commands depends on the current state of the production with respect to source control, as well as the source control implementation. The appearance of the View Source Control Output button changes to View Source Control Output Button with new output when there is new output to be viewed.

The following Management Interoperability browser based editors also support Source Control hooks:

  • Interoperability > Configure > Data Lookup Tables

  • Interoperability > Build > Business Processes

  • Interoperability > Build > Data Transformations

  • Interoperability > Build > Business Rules

  • Interoperability > Build > Record Maps

  • Interoperability > Build > Complex Record Mapper


If a production is under source control and you do not have it checked out for update, you cannot modify the production definition. You can temporarily Stop, Start, and Restart business hosts by using the buttons on the Action tab. These buttons temporarily stop or start the host but do not modify the production definition. A business host can only be temporarily stopped if it has a pool size greater than 1 or in the case of Business Processes and Business Operations are invoked Queue and not InProc.

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