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Executes a detail listing using a compiled KPI class.

Request Method


URL Parameters

None. Note that a request body is required; see the next heading.

Request Body Details

This endpoint uses the following properties of the request body:


Required. Logical name of the KPI. This must be a KPI that supports detail listings; that is, it must implement the %OnGetListingSQL() callback.


Specifies the range of values in the KPI where the detail listing is requested.


Specifies the rows in the KPI where the detail listing is requested.


Specifies the columns by which to sort the results.


Specifies the sort direction for the sort columns.


Name of the listing to display.


Optional. Array of filter objects that specify filters to apply when retrieving the detail listing. Each filter object must provide the following properties:

  • name — a filter specification such as [aged].[h1].[age group]

  • value — logical name of a member of a filter, such as &[0 to 29]

Example Request

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