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Returns information about the filters available for the given data source (which is either a cube or a KPI).

Request Method


URL Parameters


Required. Name of the data source. This is one of the following:

  • cubename — a logical cube name

  • cubename.cube — a logical cube name, followed by .cube

  • kpiname.kpi — a logical KPI name, followed by .kpi

This name can include slashes; see Use of Slashes in Cube and KPI Names.

Request Body Details

This endpoint ignores the request body.

Example Request

Example Response

    "Info": {
    "Result": {
        "Filters": [

In the response object, the Result property contains a property called Filters, which contains an array of objects, one for each filter. Each object has the following properties:

  • caption contains the display value for the filter.

  • type contains the filter type, if it exists. This can be "calc" or can be the name of a time function. In other cases it is empty.

  • value contains the filter specification, which is the logical identifier for the filter. For information on the filter specification, see POST /Info/FilterMembers/:datasource/:filterSpec.

For information that applies to all response objects, see Notes on the Response Objects.

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